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Magnum 4D: get to know the Malaysian commercial gambling company

Once known as Magnum Corporation and Magnum Corporation Berhard, Magnum Berhard incorporated in December 1968. It is the first private company in Malaysia to be proudly granted the license to operate, manage, and promote 4-digit numbers forecast betting in the country (Magnum 4D).

Magnum soon became a public company in 1970. It was listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) that same year.

It was delisted on July 2, 2008, after becoming privatized once more, returning to private limited company status. At the time, the company changed to its current name, Magnum Berhard. Today, the company is 51% owned by Multi-Purpose Holdings Berhad through Magnum 4D Holdings Sendirian Berhad. The remaining 49% is owned by CVC Asia Pacific Limited. However, in June 2013, Multi-Purpose Holdings Berhad sold its non-gaming business to MPHB Capital Berhad. Multi-Purpose Holdings Berhad has since been rebranded as Magnum Berhad.

Today, Magnum Berhard is primarily involved in the gaming business in Malaysia’s legalized gaming industry.

In September 2009, Magnum unveiled a spinoff of its already popular 4Digit Classic game (analog of Cambodia’s official lottery Perdana 4D), introducing a pari-mutuel component to the game. It proved successful enough for Magnum 4D to copyright it in 2003.

How did 4D expanded and its current status

The Singapore turf came up with this idea of providing huge payout up to $2000 in 1966, however, later on; Singapore pools emerged and completely changed the level of 4D games. They came up with better exciting techniques and even high prizes for individuals. They launched computer-based gaming and thrashed the whole industry with prolific technology and advanced rules. The first winner prize number here turned out to be 8838. The number 8 is considered as the term relating to ‘prosper’ in Mandarin and is famous amongst punters. Punters allowed the game in the world and thus, the turnover expanded up to a huge scale in the simultaneous years.

Today, there are various 4D draw providers such as magnum, Toto, Sarawak Cash Sweep, DaMaCai, Sandakan 4D, SG Pool, Sabah Lotto, and much more. In Malaysia, the main operators earn huge advantages with the help of this game. All these private firms unusually function on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. A special draw is even conducted occasionally on Tuesday. They offer a classic collection of games with allowing various first, second, third, and consolation prizes as well.

Now get 4D lottery result live on the official website

As the world has highly acknowledged the use of the internet worldwide, computer-based games are now transferred and shared over the internet as well. Players can easily choose any of the websites and can make a bet for any desired position online. As soon as the results are updated, you can watch them up live on your computer, mobile phones, and on what not. Bitcoin gambling operator Getwin has developed user-friendly mobile applications where you can check out instant as well as past results within the due time. Due to all such features, this game is much more popular than any other kind of lotto games, both in Malaysia and Singapore.

A lot of these private organizers have brought about the concept of 5D and 6D games as well. The probability of your winning is much high in these games compared to any other form of lottery games available online. As they are highly authorized and appreciated, people feel safe while playing the 4-Digit lottery games. Thus, if you preferably wish to earn high profits while getting indulged in your favorite games, then nothing could be better than 4D lotteries. You can easily boost up your skills and be prepared for advanced versions of games being developed.

Sports Toto and Toto 4D story

First incorporated by the Malaysian government in 1969, Sports Toto Malaysia SBN BHD made further significant contributions to the global gaming industry by privatizing itself on August 1, 1985. Sports Toto is currently a fully owned part of Berjaya Sports Toto Berhad, a company listed on Malaysia’s stock market, Bursa Malaysia, under its main market.

Toto 4D results

Sports Toto conducts draws three times a week on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, including: digital games like Toto 4D, Toto 4D Jackpot, Toto 4D Zodiac, Toto 5D, Toto 6D and lotto games like Star Toto 6/50, Power Toto 6/55 and Supreme Toto 6/58.

All Toto draws occur in Sports Toto company’s special draw venue at Level 13, Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur. It starts promptly at 7 PM and done within full public view. Following local regulations, they only admit entry to non-Muslims above 21 years old.

Non-Muslim members of the public above 21 years old and of good standing in the community are welcome to be a judge on our panel.

Their Judges’ Panel consists of three members with one seat designated as its Chairman. This group is responsible for witnessing and validating all winning numbers drawn for each game. Furthermore, this panel also comprises an impartial and independent party to ensure all draws are conducted with fairness and transparency.

Members of the public are likewise invited to be drawees in the draw. To qualify, they must also be non-Muslim, above 21 years old, and be in good standing in the community. Five drawees will be chosen. They are responsible for selecting the marble bags to be used in the draw. The selected marbles are loaded into the official drawing machines by an outside observer with the Panel Chairman serving as a witness. Finally, drawees will be asked to draw the winning numbers for Digit and Lotto games respectively.

To keep their entire loading, mixing and selection process 100% transparent, Toto Sports uses pneumatic draw machines featuring transparent tubes, chambers, and body. Their draw starts with Lotto Games (Star Toto 6/50, Power Toto 6/55 and Supreme Toto 6/58) then continues with Digit Games (Toto 6D, Toto 5D, Toto 4D, Toto 4D Jackpot and then 4D Toto Zodiac). Also, the winning numbers drawn in Toto 4D game are used to decide the winning number combinations in the Toto 4D Jackpot game. The Toto Draw process is videotaped in its entirety with recordings archived for a given timeframe. A similar draw technique is used by Cambodia’s lottery Perdana 4D.

All inactive Toto Draw equipment, including machine, marbles, and other gear is securely stored in a restricted area monitored by in-house security and by electronic surveillance.

Toto 4d result is determined fully transparently: Draws are always done in full public view by members of said public. Furthermore, it is witnessed and officiated by a Panel of Judges also made up of members of said public.

All efforts above ensure that Toto Draws are done fairly, transparently, and with much integrity. We adhere to these very high standards to prevent any breaches in security.

Security of Toto 4d result: all Sports Toto’s procedures and practices are regularly assessed by both internal and external parties to ensure that Toto Sports fully complies with best practices and control requirements as set by the gaming industry. You can always check Toto 4d result today at the official Getwin website.

Watch out for instant 4D results online on the official website

Although the 4D lottery game has evolved decades ago, its preference has increased in the past few years only. As people were tremendously busy in those primitive 2D and 3D games, the attention catered by 4D lottery games was quite low. The commendable credit should be given to Malaysia and Singapore, as they are the ones who brought up a revolution to the gambling world with 4 Digit lottery payouts. As these two places are the benchmark steers in the world of lottery games, nobody can deny the fact that a lot of beneficial improvements have been made for all gambling lovers in today’s technological era.